Saturday, April 21, 2012

Talamanca Family Art 2012

We visited Gerardo and Dorcas in February and March of 2012 and found many more beautiful pieces of art.  Gerardo has a website of his Talamanca Family Art and a Facebook page that is temporarily unavailable.  The are expecting their second child in August I believe.  I also met Dorcas' mother "The Chocolate Lady' who has a beautiful presentation about processing chocolate. I will try to share as many photos as I can although I've now forgotten how to add just photos to a blog.   We are thinking of moving semi-permanently to Puerto Viejo de Talamanca, Costa Rica area in the near future.  There is nothing more interesting to me than a visit to Gerardo's workshop and Talamanca Family Art.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Gerardo captures the daily experience of the people in Talamanca which includes the Indigenous KekoLdi reserve, the larger towns of Bribri, Hone Creek, Puerto Viejo, and the city of Limon. The images are familiar, the working people, the animals, the utensils used in daily life, and more but he adds his own artistic vision. He and his young family live simply in a small house behind his workshop. They are surrounded by beautiful plants and animals although situated on a main highway.
Here is an image of a man carrying plaintains.

Gerardo Corrales in his workshop -- he emphasizes that he uses only his hands and simple tools to make his art -- no machines. He stays near his home on the road to Bribri town because he says he would rather not compete with the Indonesian imports that are so prevalent in Puerto Viejo and which tourists buy, thinking they are local product. His carving is simply unique -- not completely representational, he uses his imagination to execute the many wonderful images.
Gerardo's wife carved this beautiful gourd that she made into a napkin holder. I purchased it to give to our Canadian friends Laurie and Terry who built a new home behind Chimuri Cottages in Playa Negra. Gerardo's wife also makes beautiful jewelry out of seeds and objects she finds. I'll post more of her work as well.
Gerardo completed this wonderful image of "Lady Justice" for my husband Brian Hudson in only five days. Brian wanted to present it to a retiring judge his group is honoring in Los Angeles. Gerardo was hesitant about doing it as he usually works in 3-dimensions. The wood is cedar, and he used stain to bring out the new justice image with a laptop!
What is unusual about Gerardo is that his images show great imagination. Prior to meeting him, the only carvings we have seen in Costa Rica are purely representational, but beautiful, made from the many unique but possibly vanishing woods found in Costa Rica.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

This is Gerardo Corrales's wife and child. She is an artist as well -- she makes beautiful carvings on gourds -- makes practical napkin holders, drink holders, etc. This is where they work and live on the road to Bribri just north of Hone Creek.

Bienvenidos todos a este blog.
Quiero introducir el arte de Gerardo Corrales,
miembro de grupo Indigena de Costa Rica
Bribri -- lo mas grande en Costa Rica.
El es el UNICO artista en Costa Rica que produce
este arte usando madera y su imaginacion.